I was lucky enough to be shipped off to Hawaii for a couple of weeks at a time to help with some of the sets for the TV series LOST.

The column Locke's father was chained to in Season 3.

The freezing cave where Ben turns the wheel that moves the island in Season 4.

Skulboy Strikes!

The following are featured in Season 5 when Ben is in the Temple of the Smoke Monster.

Hieroglyphs in 2 lb. foam.

Sealed, painted, installed and ready for camera.

The following are in progress shots of the temple header seen in the first few episodes of LOST season 6.

We were given a blueprint with the basic outline for the header plus many books of the Angkor Wat ruins. I had the freedom to choose which ornament from the reference to sculpt into the confines of the shape. The "tree of life" in the center was at the request of the Production Designer.

Detail of the snakes.

The header installed with a coat of plaster and before paint.


Paul said...

Thanks for sharing.

Glad you enjoyed your trip to Scotland as well :)

Haptic Strain said...

Is there any way to have a casting made from your original mold for the Cerberus Chamber design? That is my FAVORITE hieroglyph from LOST and I would LOVE to have your amazing work in my home. Please contact me if that is a possibility. I'm a big fan of your work - amazing stuff - absolutely amazing!